World Atlas

of Global Issues

  • More than 200 maps and charts (downloadable)
  • Almost 230 key concepts explained
  • Scientific articles with references

The team

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Maps and graphics

(Sciences Po - Atelier de cartographie)

The project

This Atlas is the product of a collective undertaking at Sciences Po based on an original idea and funded by the DRIS (department of academic resources), a project managed by Delphine Lereculeur. Exploring the idea of developing an open edition of multimedia scientific content for a wide audience, The Atlas of Globalization, last published in 2013, was chosen as a framework. Other Sciences Po departments joined in the project, including the DES (Dean of Studies Office) and the Presses de Sciences Po. Web development was handled by ByteClub. The English version of the project was produced by Cynthia Schoch and her team of translators: Susan Mackervoy, Rosemary Rodwell and Trista Selous.

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The book

The World Atlas of Global Issues is also a beautiful book published by the Presses de Sciences Po.