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Multidimensional Poverty Index, 2005-2015

Source: S. Alkire and U. Kanagaratnam, “Multidimensional Pover ty Index-Winter 2017-2018: Brief Methodological Note and Results”, Oxford Pover ty and Human Development Initiative, University of Oxford, “OPHI Methodological Notes 45”, 2018.


This is a composite poverty indicator: a single value is calculated for each country by combining ten criteria that consider the number of privations in terms of health, education, and standard of living; but only for countries “of the South,” (i.e. the Southern hemisphere) which are in principle more affected by poverty. India has the largest numbers, with over 600 million individuals, while there is also a strong prevalence (percentage of population) in sub-Saharan Africa (especially from Burkina Faso to Somalia).


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