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Violent conflicts during the year 2017

Source: partially based on the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK), Conflict Barometer 2017,, accessed March 14, 2018.


This map is based on an HIIK report. This think tank calculates an overall index of conflict which considers intensity (weapons used, number of combatants, people killed, refugees/displaced persons and destruction wreaked). The map shows the type of “space” of the conflict (delimited zone, which extends beyond borders, localized or diffuse) and the demands of armed groups (contesting the powers in place or breaking away). On the basis of this typology, in 2017 the main centers of conflict were: Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the central strip of Africa (from Darfur to the DRC, via the Central African Republic and South Sudan), Libya, Yemen, Colombia and Mexico; other centers are more localized (Donbass, the Niger Delta, Myanmar, the Philippines, Salvador, etc.).


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