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Change in social coverage, 1900-2010

Source: International Labor Organization, World Social Protection Report 2017-2019


Social protection and the right to social security have been part of the ILO mandate since it was created in 1919. The organization supplies very complete databases (World Social Protection Database) and reports. In 1900, few countries had social protection systems, and the slope of all the curves shows significant progress in this area. Social coverage varies according to the proportion of the population covered, the number of risks covered and the degree to which needs are satisfied. It also varies from one region and one country to another. For example, help for older people is the most developed overall (almost 68% of the global population), but is only 30% in Africa, whereas it exceeds 95% in Europe and Central Asia. Coverage is least developed in the case of unemployment, ranging between 6% of the population in Africa and 43% in Europe.


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