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Balkan empires and states, 1878-2008

Sources: compiled by Rober to Gimeno based on K. Leonhardt, Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Stuttgart, Ernst Klett Verlag, 1954 ; Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Brunswick , Westermann, 1997; Grand Atlas Universel, Paris, Bordas, 1978; Atlas 2000, Paris, Nathan, 1986; G. Castellan, Histoire des Balkans, Paris, Fayard, 1991; J.-A. Dérens and C. Samary, Les Conflits yougoslaves de A à Z, Paris , Éd. de l’Atelier, 2000; G. Gorodetsky, Le Grand Jeu des dupes, Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2000.


Over 130 years, the search for harmony between the borders of states established after the break-up of empires (Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian) and the resulting tangle of multiple identities, has contributed to the formation of a fragile patchwork of states, which are the products of open conflicts, population displacements, and successive attempts at ethnic cleansing.


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