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Degree of freedom of the press according to Reporters without Borders, 2018 

Source: Reporters whitout borders,


The series of three maps comes from reports by Reporters without Borders, an NGO that defends press freedom and the protection of sources and journalists. These reports, published annually since 2002 and compiled from investigations, confirm that hostility towards journalists has intensified in many countries of the world. The first map shows that in over a third of countries the situation is difficult or very serious; the second calculates the number of journalists and contributors killed (1,400 since 2001), mainly in conflict zones (291 in Iraq, 228 in Syria) but also in regions where there are extreme social and political tensions (Mexico, Philippines); the third shows that the areas where journalists are imprisoned coincides with the areas where there are authoritarian states which censure them (China, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, etc.).


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