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African colonies and independence

Sources: F. W. Putzger, Historischer Weltatlas, Berlin, Cornelsen, 1995; J. Sellier, Atlas de s peuple s d ’Afrique, Paris , La Découverte, 2011.From Afrique contemporaine, 235, 2010


This series of maps shows how Africa was carved up from the late 19th century to the present day. The first represents the early colonial rivalries just before the Berlin Conference (1885), during which the European powers shared the continent; the second shows the territorial result of this on the eve of World War Il, a war which was partly due to the intensification of these imperial rivalries; the third illustrates the end of the process with the more or less violent decolonization that has taken place since the late 1950s, drawing the map of present-day African states.


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